Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The War on Terrorism
In the name of Islam, a peaceful religion, Muslim fundamentalists between the ages of 17 and 40 murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic games in 1972. They stormed the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979; blew up the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983; shot and threw overboard in his wheelchair a disabled American tourist, Leon Klinghoffer, on the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985; hijacked TWA Flight 847 and killed a Navy diver in 1985. They blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members in 1988; bombed the World Trade Center for the first time in 1993; destroyed U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998; attacked the U.S. Cole, killing 17 sailors and wounding 39, in 2000.
They hijacked four airliners, flying two into the World Trade Center and killing 3,000 people, one into the Pentagon and the fourth, headed for the White House, plunged into a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. They attempted to ignite a “shoe bomb on American Airlines Flight 63, Paris to Miami, in December 2001; abducted and beheaded Wall St. Journal Bureau Chief Daniel Pearl on video, simply because he was Jewish in 2002; killed 191 and injured 600 when 10 bombs were detonated in Madrid on train lines in 2004; killed 52 and injured 700 when three bombs were detonated in London’s underground and a fourth on a double-decker bus in 2005. They caused the death of 54 tourists and injured 266 civilians in a dump-truck bombing and fire at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2009; murdered 13 and wounded 31 American soldiers when Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan shot them at Fort Hood 2009; attempted to murder 290 passengers on a Northwest flight into Detroit when the underwear bomber concealed plastic explosives in his skivvies in 2009 and; attempted to detonate a shrapnel-laden car bomb in Times Square in 2010.
Do Not Offend Muslims
In an our efforts to avoid offending Muslims, our country has chosen to ban the use of the words “Islamic terrorists” and “Jihadist” in the naive hope that if we play nice, moderate Muslims will wrest power from extremists who are trying to blow us up. In the name of political correctness we still randomly wand 80-year-old grannies, nursing mothers and children instead of focusing on Muslim males, age 17 to 40. Airport profiling is offensive to many Americans and to Muslims who do not support radical Islam, but it is the price we must pay for our collective security. Appeasement of terrorists doesn’t work. Dean Acheson warned us a half a century ago: “No people have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies.”
Radical Islam
There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, second only to Christians at 2 billion. Of these, 38 million Muslims have settled in Europe and 3 million in the U.S. No one knows for sure what percentage of Muslims view attacks on the West as an acceptable weapon of intimidation. While we in the West espouse tolerance and co-existence with Muslims, many in the Muslim world seek to impose a global Caliphate on the wicked West, including the conversion of all non-believers. If that doesn’t work, fatwa’s issued by Ayatollahs, imams, mullahs and clerics suggest a “grand jihad” to murder non-believers and destroy us from within. The battle cry of “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater) is both a warning and a prediction.
The goal of Islamic fundamentalists is to install a worldwide religious theocracy under Sharia law, eliminate freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. Sharia Law is non-negotiable with respect to women. Muslim men can marry a girl as young as one year and have sexual intimacy by the age of nine. A husband has the moral right to beat his wife for disobedience or for perceived misconduct. Even when abused, women cannot divorce; they are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men while Muslim men can have up to four wives, all of them non-Muslim, plus a fifth temporary wife at his discretion.
Search for Solutions
The latest folly in the West is to condemn Israel for its blockade of Gaza. In trading land for peace in 2005, Palestinians got their first ever homeland. Israel’s reward has been more than 7,000 rocket attacks on unarmed civilians. Now the international community and many Americans condemn Israel for its right to defend itself. There is no moral equivalency between Israel’s right to stop the flow of rockets and missiles into Gaza that maim and kill Jewish civilians and the right of Hamas or Hezbollah jihadists right to destroy Israel using nuclear or conventional weapons.
Winston Churchill warned: “There is no greater mistake than to suppose that platitudes, smooth words and timid policies offer a path to safety.” Many in this country and in Europe favor the middle road of moderation, forgetting that there is nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos. Forest Gump got it right: “Mama always said–stupid is as stupid does!” Sometimes well-meaning people can do some dumb things.

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